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Being Mr. Boop - The Comic

Are you familiar with the podcast Being Jim Davis? No? How about the web comic Mr. Boop? You don't know either of these? Well, I don't know what to tell you because this is a podcast that heavily borrows from both of those things. Hosts Lisa Doop and Ryan Pfeiffer will describe a Mr. Boop strip panel by panel and then that's it, that's the whole podcast. Not much else to it. Enjoy!(?

  • BMB Slang Guide What do they mean by that?

  • Electro Points !
  • Electra Bubble Pointy speech bubble
  • Electral Hearts ?
  • Aeioubangs?!
  • Electres ...
  • Funny Little Ones ~
  • Expression Chair Chair in the therapist's office
  • My Wife Face (or just 'Wife Face' Alec's ear-to-ear grin
  • Heart flies Hearts floating around characters
  • Excitetrikes Bold neoflect
  • Flapper Shot Establishing/Wide Shot
  • A Talky A character expressing with their hand while talking

Being Mr. Boop - The Comic

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